среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

In our family, there was a new assistant, the robot cleaner Shark Navigator.

I want to share their opinions on its use, as that person lives with us for over 3 months and has a story to tell.

Just about the shortcomings, the good.

As for the robot cleaner without a navigation system it copes with its direct responsibilities surprisingly well. Clear the path of movement there, it's true. From the side looks like a robot lost in your home is a very important thing, and now he is trying hard to find :) mosque, running, buzzing behind the scenes, under tables and upholstered furniture. And then tired, so it does not always go to the authorities allotted a place to rest, that is, at the station for recharging. So I, in order to reduce their suffering, take it to him.

Included with the vacuum cleaner still wired charging, you can never hang with the vacuum cleaner back and forth, but personally I prefer to just take him to the station and deliver. Charging begins immediately, through the terminals, and there is no need to accurately set the vacuum on the base. And in the case of the string to search for a free outlet, then remove the vacuum cleaner with a single charge. Not very practical, given that I almost always use the delayed start.

To say that he did not get into the furniture, I can not. In 9 out of 10 cases vacuum toured any obstacle. But it also happens that the information about the approaching danger somehow does not reach its electronic brain, and then the vacuum cleaner may enter into a chair. I somehow special attention in this regard, uses a table on the balcony.

But Gutrend collects garbage as if it was built some hitromudroy receiver to find the dirt.

Rest assured that after eight days he was going to clean your home to shine, the dust remains. Even at first glance, blind spots (corners, under the battery) is in a normal vacuum cleaner, so that dust and debris chance there is not one.

With the acquisition of a robot cleaner, I felt considerable savings in their spare time. Yes, you need to pick up the garbage in front of the robot is started. But this value of clean, is not it? This is done with a conventional vacuum during or in advance. It comes with a virtual wall, which is very useful for us to fence off a corner, in which the child made a "toy kingdom."

There are HEPA-filter that captures dust microparticles, and you can not breathe. It is made from a special non-woven fibers, so the vacuum cleaner can be used even where there is live with allergies.